What To Expect From A Home Inspection

Purchasing a home may be the most expensive investment you will ever make. Consequently, it is crucial to find out if there are any major problems with a home before you buy. While you may fall in love with the aesthetics of a property, you need to know if it will be a money pit or a sound purchase. Before you close on a home, you need to schedule an inspection of the property.

Learn The Truth Behind Common Spray Foam Insulation Myths

Spray foam insulation is a modern alternative to standard fiberglass insulation. It comes as two liquids, which react to form a dense foam once they come into contact with air. Spray foam offers many benefits, including a higher R-value than traditional insulation, the ability to wick away moisture, and the capacity to be inserted through a small hole in the wall. However, some homeowners steer clear of spray foam because they've heard myths about this building material.