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Need A New Entry Gate For Your Ranch Or Estate? Consider Using Modern Piping For Your Design

After driving for seemingly endless hours across the prairie or through undulating hills, finding an oversized entry gate welcoming your arrival is a big plus. Some of the older gates on today`s ranches and estates may seem to date back to the Pony Express days. They are full of vintage charm but perhaps a little worse for wear. Others have been updated using more modern materials, similar to the composites often used for corrals and property fencing.

If your entry gate is in need of replacement, you might consider using rust resistant galvanized metal piping, like from 101 Industries Ltd. A skilled pipe fitter or fence builder can turn those long metal pieces into something eye-catching.

The Simple Statement

If you like smart, clean lines and want to keep your entry gate simple but classy, piping works well. A popular idea is to put a tall pole on either side of the entryway, connected by a large triangle along the top. Usually this large triangle is made of smaller ones to provide stability. This sturdy, open-air design is perfect for areas that get a lot of wind. Another variation uses simple pipes to form a rectangle, with space left open for signage.

Add Your Name, Or Not

Ranches or estates sometimes like to display their names on their entry gates. If you want just a simple name and/or a brand, you can easily fit these on the top of your new gate. But, if you want to turn your gate into an advertizing panel, you could add some additional artwork. In the West, sculptures or paintings of cattle or bucking horses are popular. Some owners even incorporate a stylized logo into the gate design. Then again, if you want to remain somewhat incognito, then just put up a simple brand. Those in the know can figure out who you are.

Getting Creative with Your Pipe Gate

Just because you are building your gate out of piping doesn't mean you can't get creative with your design.

The Nostalgic Look

If you are a fan of the Old West, then add a little bit of nostalgia to your ranch entrance. It may seem like a cliche, but putting a pair of cattle horns on the top of your entryway is eye-catching. Use old wagon wheels to add a rustic charm to your lower gate design. If you can find one, park an antique buckboard or wagon near the gate. The wagon cover can even double as a business or welcome sign. If you are running a dude ranch or a rural bed and breakfast property, all of this "Wild West" regalia does help guests get into the country spirit.

The Local Look

If your ranch or estate is in a heavily forested area, perhaps somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, you might incorporate a little local flavour into your gate design. Wood sculptures are a hit. Place a life-sized carved grizzly bear near your entrance, or place a carved flock of geese along the top of your pipe entryway. If you're running a lodge that caters to fishermen, carvings of trout, bass or the local catch could decorate your gate and the adjoining fence.

A Little Colour

Some ranches and estates double as artists or writers retreats. Usually the owners are like-minded, so opening up their homes to creative types comes naturally. So does the penchant for using colour.  Build your gate and then add pieces of artwork along the top. You could go for a more minimalistic look with smaller pieces and muted colours. But if you want the world to find you, especially if you are located in a forest of tall firs and pine trees, the brighter and more visible the design, the better.