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Outfitting Your Heavy Duty Truck With Essential Equipment For Hauling Cargo

If you have work experience delivery goods in long bed trucks from companies like Hitch 'Em Oilfield Hauling and a commercial driver's license, you can parlay those qualifications into a successful career as an independent truck driver completing jobs for industrial hauling firms. Manufacturers, mining operations and oil companies rely heavily on truck hauling services to transport goods over short and long distances. If you already own a truck but want to make it more amenable for commercial hauling, you can outfit the vehicle with the following accessories.

Straps and Tie Downs

Making sure your cargo is secure is your number one priority on hauling assignments. You must equip your vehicle with a variety of equipment to tie down freight including:

  • Winch Straps
  • Chains
  • Binders
  • Ratchet straps

Winch straps can secure thousands of pounds of freight without breaking. They also resist abrasion and include heavy duty polyester webbing. You can also use cargo chains and hooks to secure freight. Chains used to haul cargo on truck beds consist of high-strength steel, include hooks and have corrosion-resistant finishes.

Ratchet straps are tie downs that can help you to transport small vehicles and other equipment over long distances without worrying about high winds. They have tension hooks for securing freight to the truck.


Supplemental lights enhance your safety when you are driving at night, in the rain or in fog. Lights mounted in cabs and on the sides of truck beds can help you inspect cargo at night. Light bars mounted underneath trucks enhance the visibility of your truck so other drivers can see you better.

If you want to make sure that pedestrians and workers at job sites know when you are approaching or backing up, you can install beacons to your vehicle. These extra warning lights emit rotating beams of amber light. You can also install supplemental brake and turning lights.

Utility Racks and Ladders

Utility racks are essential for storing and securing equipment such as pipes, wires, lumber and other unwieldy objects. If you are a technician, you can also hang your tools on racks. Racks can be mounted the sides of truck beds and include stainless steel crossbars.

You can purchase rack attachments that enable you to carry fragile equipment such as glass panes. You can also enclose racks with diamond mesh guards made of steel.

Tailgate ladders that you can store in the bed or attach to mounts on the truck provide you with easy access to the cargo area. Adding steps improves safety during loading and unloading. You can attach sturdy ladders to the base of the truck bed or along the side.


Adding a truck cap provides your vehicle with a covered bed to shield cargo from the elements. Commercial caps for work trucks feature more sturdy construction than those sold for consumer pickups. You can also purchase custom designed caps with amenities such as:

  • Interior lighting
  • Aluminum frames
  • Auxiliary brake lights
  • Fixed windows
  • Roof racks
  • Heavy duty locks
  • Full length side doors
  • Outlet power blocks
  • Tool box shelves
  • Exterior mounting rails

Safety Devices and Other Accessories

Avoiding unsafe drivers and navigating accidents on the road are all part of the duties of a truck driver. Trucks equipped with safety devices can remind other drivers that you are carry wide or heavy loads. Your truck should be equipped with a safety kit that includes:

  • Emergency warning triangles
  • Fire extinguishers
  • A first aid kit
  • Flares
  • Red warning flags
  • Flashlights
  • Tire chains
  • Wheel chocks to keep tires from rolling while parked

You can also install blindspot cameras for the side and back of your vehicle to enable maximum visibility on the road.

Once you upgrade your truck's body with the above devices and accessories you will be well-equipped to deliver all kinds of goods across Canada and the United States as a contractor for hauling companies.