Moved To A Home With Oil On The Carport's Concrete? Repair It With These Tips

If you just moved to a home with oil stains on the carport's concrete, you probably want to remove it fast. If the oil penetrates the surfaces below the concrete, it can eventually cause nicks, cracks and other damages in the material. In addition, oil stains make your carport look unattractive, which may affect the value of your property. You can remove the oil and repair the concrete with the tips below. [Read More]

3 Potential Threats to the Life of Your Maple Tree

If you're like many Canadians, you love the look of mature maple trees in your outdoor living space. However, even though sugar maples are strong trees that can withstand many adverse conditions, certain pests and pathogens can turn your thriving maple tree into a potentially hazardous eyesore that may have to be removed. Following are three potential pathogen threats to the life of your maple tree. Ganoderma Root Rot Maple trees are particularly susceptible to ganoderma root rot, so you should inspect your tree periodically for the following symptoms: [Read More]

Deck Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

Keeping your wood deck clean can require some significant time and effort, particularly if you aren't diligent about the more elaborate cleaning methods. The more attentive you are to your deck, the quicker and easier it should come clean. Here are a few tips to help you clean your deck. Wood Deck Cleaning Basics Your home's deck is constantly exposed to the elements, so it's vulnerable to damage if you aren't attentive to keeping it clean and maintained. [Read More]

Digging Your Own Trench? 2 Reasons to Hire an Excavation Expert Instead

If you plan to dig a trench in your property to repair a damaged sewer line or remove tree roots, you should reconsider and hire an excavation expert instead. Although there are many DIY sites that provide tips on how to dig a trench, the sites may not list the dangers involved by doing so. Excavation projects aren't always cut and dry when it comes to safety. A number of things happen if you don't follow the correct protocols for excavating, or if you don't know exactly how and where to dig on your property. [Read More]