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Three Reasons To Include A Neighborhood Virtual Tour With Your Listings

As a real estate agent, ensuring that you bring buyers to every home you are selling is vital. After all, this is how you are going to keep your job, as well as impress your clients because of your ability to bring in many clients, which possibly means that the home is going to sell faster. There are many new tools that real estate agents use nowadays to attract buyers to their listings. This includes virtual tours of the home. However, you can also incorporate a virtual tour of the neighborhood in which you have homes. Here are three reasons to do this, as well:

  1. It's Not Just About the Home: You could be trying to sell a home that is considered a fixer upper. In this instance, a virtual home tour isn't going to do much to gain attention to a wide range of buyers. However, when you also include a neighborhood tour that shoes parks, local coffee shops, and more, it can bring in the right buyers who won't mind a fixer upper if it means living in an up-and-coming or hip neighborhood. 
  2. ‚ÄčThere are Too Many Features You Must Show: If this is an up-and-coming neighborhood, then skipping out on a neighborhood virtual tour can be harmful in gaining a wide range of buyers. In these up-and-coming neighborhoods, buyers typically want to see what amenities are included that are basically just their own, such as the community park, swimming pool, and other features. You want show in the virtual tour why these features are unique to the neighborhood, as well. For example, if they have a private entrance, you want the tour to go through this. 
  3. The Landscaping is Beautiful: If you are trying to sell a beautiful home, some buyers will skip out on looking at it believing that it's possible the neighborhood doesn't match the beautiful features of the home itself. If the neighborhood is thriving, though, you want to show this to encourage these buyers that they are not only buying a beautiful home, but a beautiful neighborhood, as well that is well maintained. 

When you know these three reasons to include a neighborhood tour, you can be sure that you hire a virtual tour company that is willing to provide both for your local listings. This way, you gain attention not only to the specific homes you are selling, but the entire neighborhood in which you may have a few listings. 

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