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Need A New Dock? 4 Benefits To Choosing A Floating Dock

If you're ready to invest in a boat dock, it's time to look at your options. You have several options to choose from. Two common dock types include stationary docks and floating docks. Stationary docks are attached to permanent pilings. Floating docks sit on top of the water. You can use both dock types in fresh and saltwater. But, floating docks provide benefits you might not have considered. If you've decided on a stationary dock for your boats, read the list below. Here are four reasons to choose a floating dock instead. 

Adjusts to Water Levels

When you have a stationary dock, you need to worry about water levels. It's not uncommon for water levels to fluctuate. That's especially true where rivers and lakes are concerned. If the water levels get too high, you can lose the use of your dock. Low water levels can also cause problems. You won't need to deal with water levels when you build a floating dock. That's because your floating dock will adjust to the changing water levels. 

Saves Time and Money

If you're looking for a way to save time and money, talk to your contractor about a floating dock. Floating docks can save time and money. That's because floating docks don't need any permanent construction, such as pilings. But floating docks are also easier to maintain, which means you'll save time and money on maintenance. 

Allows for Customization

If you want to customize your boat dock, move beyond a stationary design. One of the benefits of floating docks is that they're easier to customize. You can choose a custom design that suits the features of your property. But, you can also customize the design to suit your lifestyle. For instance, you can add seating and entertaining areas to your floating boat dock. As an added benefit, you can add to the size of your dock. That way, friends and family have places to dock their boats too. 

Prevents Weather Damage

If you get freezing temperatures during the winter, think about weather damage. That's especially true where freezing water is concerned. Freezing temperatures can cause serious damage to stationary docks. That means you'll need to take care of repairs before you can use your dock again. That's where a floating dock becomes beneficial. One of the great things about a floating dock is that you can put it into storage during the winter. That way, you don't need to worry about weather damage.

For more information, contact a floating dock builder near you.