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Choosing Rubber Surfacing For Your Commercial Pool Deck

For businesses that operate swimming pools that are open to the public, there are many different precautions that will need to be taken to reduce the risk of injuries occurring. In particular, choosing a quality surface for the deck surrounding the pool can be a major feature that will help to keep your guests safe when they are using the pool.

Rubber Is Extremely Resistant To Water Damage

The material that you choose for the surface of your pool deck will need to be extremely durable so that it can withstand the years of wear and tear that it can suffer. Rubber is one of the more durable materials that you can choose for your pool's deck surfacing. The rubber will be less prone to suffering damage from repeated water and chlorine exposure. Furthermore, the foot traffic that it will experience and the presence of deck chairs or other furniture will not have a major impact on its overall durability.

Rubber Safety Surfaces Can Reduce Injury Risks

The area surrounding the pool can become extremely slippery when it gets wet. As a result, individuals may be more likely to slip or they may even trip and fall on furniture or other items. Rubber safety surfaces can be thick enough to absorb much of the impact when individuals fall, and this can lessen the risk of a severe injury occurring. It can also act as a protective barrier so that individuals are less likely to suffer deep scratches and scrapes as a result of the landing on rough concrete or stone.

Rubber Safety Surfaces Can Be Textured To Provide Improved Traction

Taking steps to improve the traction that people have when walking on the deck around the pool can be a way of significantly reducing the risk of accidents occurring. Some individuals may assume that a rubber deck surface will be extremely slippery for people to walk on. However, it can be textured to provide substantial improvements to the grip and traction that people will have. Texturing the decking can slightly increase the cleaning requirements for it as dirt and other substances could get trapped between the small bumps and grooves that are used to improve traction. Luckily, a pressure washer can be a simple way of thoroughly cleaning this surface so that all of these substances will be removed so that the traction provided by the grips is maintained. Ideally, this should be done weekly so that the pool deck will be as safe and attractive to your guests as possible.

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