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4 Reasons To Install Fire Rated Doors In Commercial Premises

Are you worried about the prospect of a fire on your commercial premises? Deploying fire fighting measures and equipment is a requirement in law for commercial premises. But you can do more by deploying structures that protect you and give you a chance to escape when there is a fire. Fire-rated doors have proved useful in slowing down the spread of fire, helping to save lives and property. Why should you have these useful structures on your commercial premises?

Slow Down Spread of Fire and Smoke 

Fire-rated doors are Passive Fire Protection (PFP) structures, which means they are placed in the way of fire to prevent fire from spreading. Fire-rated doors are usually installed at points where they can contain fire and smoke, like corridor entries and exits and stairwell doors.

Containing fire and smoke within one area of a building plays an important role in saving lives and property. First, it helps people still in the building evacuate safely. This is a vital role because, in many fire instances, people are overwhelmed by smoke inhalation when evacuating. A fire-rated door keeps exit routes and points clear for a quick escape. 

The rating of a fire door shows its ability to withstand fire. For example, a 1-hour fire-rated door will resist a fire for one hour. High-rated fire doors give high chances of saving lives. If there is ample time,  you can save vital documents and assets. 

Second, fire containment gives firefighters an easier job of fighting the fire. It limits the fire damage to the building and adjacent property.  

Protect Against Other Natural Disasters

Does your area suffer strong storms? Your property gets better protection from fire-rated doors. Their robustness helps slow down heavy winds in corridors, stairwells, and lobbies. People can shelter in the compartments created by fire-rated doors and reduce the risk of injuries.

Provide Physical Security 

Fire-rated doors are robust enough to withstand attacks by burglars. They also form formidable barriers against sudden attackers like terrorists and active shooters. People can shelter behind these doors and place obstacles against them to make them more defensible. 

Lower Insurance Premiums 

Installing fire doors counts as an active preparation against the same risks you ask the insurance to cover. The insurer takes an even keener interest when your commercial premises are divided into approved fire divisions. You can negotiate for lower premiums depending on the defenses you have deployed. 

Would you like more assurance of people and asset safety in case of a fire at your workplace? Talk to a hollow metal door installer about your safety concerns.