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2 Styles Of Garage Doors For Your Garage Remodel

If you are getting ready to remodel your garage, keep in mind that you don't have to install a garage door that looks exactly like your old one. Instead, you can install a new garage door that has a completely different style. There are lots of different styles of garage doors, each of which comes in many different designs. A few of the more popular styles are carriage doors and raised-panel doors.

Carriage-Style Garage Doors

Carriage style garage doors are designed to mimic the look of a door found on an old-school carriage house, where people used to store their carriages that their horses pulled. These styles of doors generally have two or three panels that are either made of wood or look like they are made of wood. Across the top are small, long vertically-orientated windows.

If you want to get really classic, you can install traditional carriage-style doors that swing outward instead of rolling upward into your garage. With a traditional style carriage door, you have to keep your car far enough away for the doors to open and you have to make sure that you never put anything in front of the doors if you want them to operate successfully.

You can also get modern style carriage doors, that have the look of old-school carriage doors, but the function of a modern garage door and roll upwards.

Raised-Panel Doors

One of the most popular style of garage doors is the raised panel garage door. These have become almost the standard of what people think of when they image a garage door. Across each horizontal panel have anywhere from two to five mini-looking panels that indent inward and look like a frame. The larger panels have hinges so that the garage door can easily roll up and down.

Raised-panel doors can be made in a wide-variety of different materials. You can find raised panel doors made out of steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each material brings with it its own unique advantages and drawbacks, as well as stylistic elements. There is a lot of variety with the raised-panel style, from simple raised panels with basic lines, to more detailed and ornate details.

If you are ready to replace your garage door, think carefully about the style of garage door that you want to install. Carriage-style garage doors have more of a classic look to them, and raised-panel doors have more of a modern style to them but come in a huge range of different designs and material options.

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