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How Much Should A Bathroom Renovation Cost You?

Bathroom renovation is a popular means of adding value to your home. But for it to work, you want to keep tabs on the cost. When it comes to costing bathroom renovation, there are a lot of factors that come into play. This makes it virtually impossible to come up with a single figure. However, expect to pay anything from $ 2,500 to $ 25,000, depending on the factors below:


The fixtures you buy will depend on the size of your bathroom; whether it's an en-suite bathroom or a bigger family bathroom.

Extent of the Work

How extensive is the work? Does it involve major structural changes? In other words, are you planning to move plumbing fixtures such as a bathtub, toilet, or sink? This will have a huge impact on the cost.

Standard of Fixtures

Are you aiming at basic, standard or high-end finishes? The difference in cost can be significant. A high-end bathtub can cost three times the price of a basic one.


Are you adding fixtures that were not there before? These may include fixtures such as a skylight, windows, underfloor heating, or hot water heaters.


Why are you remodeling? Are you remodeling to resell? If so, then this will impact on your choices and also on your cost.

Consider the standard of your home and neighborhood. High-end luxury finishes will be incompatible with a mid-range home. You may not be able to recoup your investment if you go overboard.

If you are living in a modest mid-range neighborhood, a simple standard renovation will do. This may include painting your cabinets, probably replacing your tiles or adding new faucets.

Frameless glass shower enclosures are currently the rage. Consider replacing your shower enclosure with a more modern one as part of a modest remodeling project.

Labor cost

You will most likely need a tiler, a plumber, and an electrician. Their charges will vary. Some will charge you per hour while others will charge per project.

On the other hand, a tiling technician may charge you per square meter/foot. Alternatively, you can cut down on labor cost by doing some of the work yourself. So you see, you can pay as little as $3,000 for your kitchen remodeling or as high as 25,000 depending on the extent of the works, style, labor costs, and other factors listed above. Speak with a home renovation services team for a more detailed quote. 

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