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Building Rock Walls For The Landscaping Restorations You Are Planning For Your Property

If you are planning on doing landscaping renovations, there are a lot of options for hardscaping. One of the options that you may want to consider is building rock walls. There are a lot of options that you will want to consider for the design of rock walls. The following rock wall construction guide will help you add these features to your landscaping renovations:

Designing the Elevations of Rock Walls

The elevations of rock walls are important when planning the renovations for your landscaping. The elevations of the rock walls can be used to improve the outdoor spaces of your landscaping design. You may want to do things like using the rock wall elevations to create more usable space for the outdoor areas. The height of the walls and drainage design for the landscaping can also help protect your home from water issues.

Construction of the Rock Wall Foundations

The rock walls that you build are going to need a solid foundation. There are some special design features that you may want to have for these walls. Some of the features that can be included with the design of the rock wall foundation include:

  • Engineered footing beams at base of walls
  • Tie-back anchor systems
  • Reinforced concrete structure with a stone face 

The footings and tie-back anchor systems are important for the structural integrity of the rock walls. These features can allow you to build higher walls that support the heavy soil of your landscaping. The walls' structural integrity is especially important if you are going to be doing things like outdoor living space in your landscaping.

Options for Different Rock Wall Finishes

There are also options for the types of materials to finish the walls you have built. Some of the options to consider for attractive landscaping designs include:

  • Synthetic stone (preformed concrete products)
  • Natural limestone  
  • Granite and other natural stone

The addition of the right materials can help improve the appearance of your landscaping. If you are building stone walls, these features can be faces for areas where the soil level is higher. This will allow structural walls to be built to support the weight, and the attractive stone will provide aesthetics.

The installation of rock walls can be a great way to enhance the appearance of your landscaping renovations. Contact a rock wall building service and talk to them about these features to improve your landscaping design.