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Three Tips For Planning Your Dream Home

Building with custom home builders is a very exciting process. So much time and effort goes into meticulously selecting finishes, measuring walls, and perfecting roof pitches. Some dream homes are years in the making! Once you have your sight set on custom homes and your money down the fun begins! Here are three tips for planning your dream home that you might have not yet considered.


It's easy to get caught up in the design of the main living spaces of your new home. They can be some of the most exciting to plan and dream about. Once that house is built, you are not going to want to have overlooked your home's storage areas. Living quarters might fill up fast if you don't have designated spots for your holiday decor and all that baby gear you are saving. Consider adding a few feet to the garage or by making the garage a little taller for overhead storage. The kitchen pantry is another important storage space. You will want a place to store all those kitchen appliances that would otherwise be taking up valuable real estate on the counter. Thinking about storage solutions now can make your home worth more to potential buyers one day down the road.


Have you ever vacuumed a room where it was almost impossible to locate an outlet? Poorly placed outlets can be a huge pain and something that can be fixed easily with a little extra thought. In the kitchen, you can even hide the outlets under upper cabinets so they aren't glaring at you in the backsplash design. Some people get clever and install them on top of fireplace mantels so they can plug in lights and holiday decor without unsightly cords. Consider adding outlets to deep bathroom drawers so you can leave things like the blow dryer plugged in and ready to use.

Paint Colors

Selecting the colors for your dream home can be one of the most overwhelming choices to make. Painting a whole house means you are committing to color and sometimes that can go south. Make sure you see the colors in a variety of different lights and start with just a small portion of the house before you do the whole thing. Even better, find house colors by asking local homeowners who have a house you admire and would like to copy. 

Planning your dream home can be a wonderful experience if you take the time and do it right. Use these three tips to help you think about these little details that can make a huge impact when building a custom home!