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How To Paint A Ceiling

Painting your home is always great decision. You will definitely be surprised how can you paint job can revive any room. Most people really only think about painting the walls, but you could also consider painting the ceiling. When you repaint your ceiling, even if you are just painting it white again, you make it look newer and cleaner. When you apply a new coat of white paint to your ceiling, your old paint might even look yellow in comparison. Painting and resurfacing  your ceiling does make the project much more time consuming and demanding. This article explains some helpful tips for a more successful ceiling paint job.

More Prep Work

When it comes to painting your ceiling, you need to do a little more prep work. First of all, this means you need to cover every square inch of floor in the room you are painting. If you use a roller to paint your ceiling, there will inevitably be some splatter. To quickly and efficiently cover off your floors, use large rolls of painters plastic.

Painting Above Your Head

Some people mistakenly think that they need to get on top of the ladder, in order to get as close to the ceiling as possible. While you do want to paint your ceiling with a roller, you want to stay on the floor whenever possible. You can keep your feet on the ground if you invest in a telescoping painter's pole. This allows you to walk back-and-forth as you paint the ceiling. If you hold the pole slightly in front of you at an angle, you won't be painting directly above your head. So, you won't have paint falling into your eyes and hair. Overall, when you use an extension pole instead of a ladder, you don't have to crane your neck, you put less pressure on your feet, and you stay cleaner.

You can invest in a telescoping painters pole that will easily reach 20' tall ceilings for less than $50. This minor investment is definitely worth it and it will ultimately speed up your paint job. It is also worth noting that when you paint your ceiling, you don't need to tape off the edges where it meets the wall. Later, when the ceiling paint dries, you can tape off the ceiling so you don't get the wall paint on to the newly painted white. This speeds up the overall process and results in cleaner lines.