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5 Aluminum Rail Accessories To Help Add Some Curb Appeal

Choosing aluminum rails for your home has many benefits including low-maintenance and weather resistance properties. Not only do they make a great guide for stairs or porches, but you can easily add some style to the design. When the rails are first installed, you have a lot of options for adding a personal touch. The following five accessories can add some curb appeal and truly make the rails all your own.

Metal Monogram Letters

The bars of an aluminum fence can be decorated with metal monogram letters that blend in well and make it look like a natural part of the fence. Monogram letters can be purchased in a number of different styles. The simplest style is a basic monogram letter. The letters are often capitalized to represent the last name of your family.

An accented monogram letter features a metal design around the letter. This can include a variety of shapes like a star or wavy patterns. The letters can also be underlined with curvy line patterns that help the letter stand out even more.

Rail Post Toppers

Sections of your aluminum rail will often have larger post sections for support and balance. By default, the top of these posts are capped off with a standard design, but there are many upgrades you can add to enhance the style of railing.

  • Solar Light Panels: A post topper can feature a small solar light that acts as a visual access point for your staircase or path.
  • Post Trim: The top side of the post can feature an elegant trim design with multiple tiers. Multiple designs are available including antique finishes, bronze finishes, and patterned finishes like a stone design.
  • Post Sleeve Expansion: Expand the height of each post with a post sleeve. Add six inches to a foot of space above your post. By screwing in a hook, you have the ability to hang plants or add other decorations to your rail design.

Flag Pole Holder

An aluminum flag pole holder can blend right in with your fence and give you plenty of decoration options. Whether you want to display a country flag or military flag, the holders can be positioned high to proudly display the flag over a staircase or walkway.

If the fence sits next to a garden, then it is a great way to showcase garden flags. The flags can be hung for multiple holidays, sports teams, or to expand your love of nature. Installing multiple flag holders on each aluminum post allows you to have multiple decorations within the same garden.

LED Rail Lighting

Add safety and design to your railing with some LED under-lighting. The lights are installed underneath the top rail of your fences so they cannot be seen during the day. At night, the whole rail illuminates to create a nice visual of your home's exterior.

LED lights are available in a variety of colors, and some sets even have changing colors so you create news moods without having to reinstall the lights. There are also a variety of power options, including solar-powered lights with back-up batteries to operate the lights for hours after the sun has gone down. The lights have a high efficiency and can last for years on your property.

Rustic Decorations

Add a nostalgic touch to your rails with a variety of rustic decorations.

  • Vintage Hanging Mailbox: Whether you use it for real mail or a decoration, a classic metal mailbox can hang right off the edge of an aluminum railing.
  • Rustic Signs: Old soda ads and metal signs can add a unique rustic touch to your fencing.
  • Bird Houses: Old fashioned bird houses can be attached to the top of fence posts. Not only will this add a rustic touch, but you can actually use it to house birds at your home.

Shopping at various flea markets and yard sales can help you come up with all types of items for your fence. Consult with your railing contractor for installation help and tips.